‘Excelsior’ - Ever Upwards           

Principal: Leica Carter 



We promote good attendance and seek to celebrate outstanding attendance. Attendance figures are shared in assemblies.  Certificates and rewards are awarded for 100% attendance at the end of each term.  A half termly prize will be given to the class which has the highest attendance. 

Excellent attendance is celebrated at the annual Presentation Evenings. Recognition is made of improving attendance for individual groups of students.  We have high expectations and expect pupils to achieve at least 97% attendance across an academic year.  Pupils who achieve this are rewarded. It is vitally important that parents/carers are actively engaged in promoting good attendance and punctuality. Temple Normanton Junior Academy will keep parents informed on issues surrounding attendance and punctuality through the academy prospectus, newsletters to parents, monitoring reports.

The academy will react as swiftly and assertively as possible to any parental concerns. Parents will be encouraged to make contact with the academy to discuss any issues impacting on their children's attendance.



We have a first day response system. As a parent you have a responsibility to contact us before 9.30 am on the first day of your child’s absence. If we have not received a reason for absence, we will contact you. If we cannot contact you, a text will be sent out.  If there is still no response, your child will receive an unauthorised absence mark.


We appreciate that some appointments in school time cannot always be avoided We do ask, if possible, that appointments should be made after school, at weekends or during holidays.


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