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Google Classroom  

Hello everyone and welcome to our Google Classroom page. This is where you will be able to find useful links, technical assistance and any updates for the classroom service that we are using as a school.

Your child will have access to Google Classroom using a school email address and a password which has been sent home with your child or emailed out to you. All teachers now have a dedicated class e-mail address for you to contact them. These school e-mail addresses are exclusively for contact concerning your child’s education.

Remote learning will require access to a device such as a smart phone, PC, IPad, tablet or laptop, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity. Children can also access home learning through your SMART TV, Xbox or PlayStation.

Click Here - How to access Google Classroom on different devices 

Click Here - Acet Remote Learning Policy

Click Here - Home Learning Letter 13.01.2021

Click Here -  List of terms that you will hear the teaching staff use during the remote learning sessions


Useful links:

Google Chrome – In order to use Google classroom on a computer, you will need Google Chrome as your internet browser. To install, follow this link and click ‘download’. Follow the instructions in the installer.

Google Classroom – This link will take you to your child’s class page. You will need to log in with their e-mail and password. If you have misplaced these details, please contact the school office and we will help you with this.

iPhone and iPadTo use Classroom on your iPhone or iPad, download the Classroom app from the Apple App Store On your device, tap App Store.  Find and install the Google Classroom app. Once you have the app installed, log in using the same e-mail and password.

Adobe Reader
You may need a product like Adobe Reader (free download) to view our PDF documents on our website.


How to Login to Google Classroom 


                                                           Click here  for further Google Meet Guidelines


Finding the time for learning

We are aware that many of you will be finding this new concept difficult and we ask that you try to get a routine in place to support your child in accessing remote learning. Please do not panic if you are not getting all the work done in the first instance, remember this is new to us all and the more we do it the better we will get. Below are a few timetable suggestions, we appreciate you may need flexibility to move the lessons around or complete them at a different time in the day and ask that you prioritise Phonics, Reading, English and Maths daily.

Most of the lessons are sequenced and follow on the previous lesson, if you do miss a day, continue on the next lesson which may be from the day before. Remember if this does not work for your family, the recorded lessons can be accessed at any time. Please try to get your child to access the live lesson as often as possible as this will give them the opportunity to interact with their class teacher and other members of their class.

 Click Here for Home Learning Example Timetable for Elm Class

Click Here for Home Learning Example Timetable for Sycamore Class

Click Here for Home Learning Example Timetable for Oak Class


Please click on your child's class page for details of planning and topics and further learning.


Useful Websites

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