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Principal: Leica Carter 


What has been happening in PE? – Autumn Term 1  5th September - 21st October 2022

EYFS – In Nursery and Reception for our first PE lesson we covered a lot of our routine which we will need to follow for PE this year. We all now know our PE changing spots and the routine to follow when we are changing ready for PE. Pupils then became familiar with basic instructions during exercise such as finding space, stopping, listening and lining up smartly and sensibly. We explored our ABC movements in some small individual games. We have been looking at equipment handling. We have mainly focused on using larger balls to begin learning how to throw and catch over a short distance and how to keep the ball safe. Reception have made excellent progress with getting themselves changed and we have been really impressed  with their independence within the first term. Pupils have worked hard in the last few weeks focusing on pairing their learning in Phonics with activities in PE.  

Year 1 & 2 – Year 1 and 2 have started their PE lesson year by looking at some basic football skills as well as reminding themselves of their expectations in PE. Pupils looked at how to move in various directions with a ball at their feet while keeping control and how to stop a moving ball through varying adapted games. The whole class worked really hard on their first lesson back and are very excited to continue the unit. We have continued their equipment handling skills this half term with a big focus on football while we have had such good weather this half term! Pupils in Year 1 have made a good start in understanding the basics of ball control, passing and dribbling with the ball. Year 2 pupils have begun to start to put this in to practice in small sided games. Pupils have also been working on their Agility Balance and Co-ordination skills (ABC’s) in activities in their lesson. This has built upon their understanding of rules and tactics when taking part in games in PE. 

Year 3 & 4 – This class were amazing in their first lesson. They showed super listening skills and showed why they are ready for the new school year. They showed that they have transferred skills they have learnt from previous years and can put these in to     sports they will be covering this year. Currently, in this half term, Sycamore class will be covering Football and Netball as their sports in PE. Next week in PE we will be looking     at moving towards Football dribbling, passing and  some gameplay. Over this half term, Year 3 & 4 have been focusing on both Football and Netball skills. Their behaviour and listening skills have been amazing! Pupils in Year 3 have built upon their skills learnt in Year 2 when looking at throwing and catch and have started to put this in to games of keep ball which then progressed to Netball further building on their understanding of passing and moving in to space covered in their Football unit of work. Year 4 pupils started to understand the importance of marking when opposing teams have the ball in both of these sports. We are really impressed when pupils in Year 4 started to look at positional work in Netball, pupils showed excellent resilience when covering this in lessons which led to some fantastic competitive games by the end of the unit.

 Year 5 & 6 – For their first week in PE, Oak class started their Netball unit as we were unable to access the field due to the weather. The class easily got back in to their routine of PE, showing why they are the top of the school. We covered passing, moving, pivoting, marking, and shooting all in one lesson! Next week we will look to move on to football, hopefully using the school field ready for our Football tournament in a week!  Over the first half term Year 5 & 6 have moved quickly through their Netball and Football units of work while taking part in swimming lessons too. They managed to build on prior learning quickly and move in to game situations and have been exploring tactics and positional play in both of the units of work. Pupils have a really good understanding of both of the fast pace games and their positions and how to play to the best of their abilities using the skills learnt in PE. Pupils are progressing really well in swimming with many pupils being moved up groups even within the first 5 lessons.


September 2022

EYFS  had lots of fun in PE practising letter sounds.

W e were working on basic ball throwing and catching skills. We used the “ball catch and cuddle” to remember the technique.

We worked with partners to select sound mats and say the sounds aloud to our partners. When we told our partner the correct sound we threw each other the ball.



House Hockey Tournament October 2022

https://www.shapepartnership.co.uk/ - Our School Sports Partnership

November 2022
On Friday the 4th November, our Year 5/6 class took part in their Mini Leader training. Pupils chose small groups to work in to have their training on how to set up and deliver sessions to younger pupils in school. Pupils learnt how to progress and regress instructions for games and activities which they will lead one lunch time per week using their own equipment. Some pupils came up with their own game and other used resource cards given as a guide. The pupils were amazing in understanding how to give instructions to be clear and meaningful while at the same time giving pupils demonstrations.
December 2022  - Shape Partnership came into school to work with Year 1 and 2 they had a great time learning new ball skills.
January 2023

On the 19th January Robbie from Spire Boxing came in to do an assembly to talk about his local club. Robbie chose some children to give a skills demonstration while explaining the importance of keeping discipline in sport and everyday life. Robbie extended the offer to pupils to come to a Boxing club which is local to them to help benefit their development, he had great interaction with our pupils with lots looking to sign up!

February 2023 - Netball Competition Shirebrook Academy
 February 2023
We have been learning amazing gymnastics skills this half term 

Spring Term

EYFS – Ash Class

From January up to February half term, in EYFS we looked at Gymnastics movement skills such as how to travel, jump and balance on a mat. We looked at how we can move like different animals and we linked this in to creating a small sequence of movements such as Travel, balance and a roll. As the unit progressed we looked at how we would safely move across, around, up, over and off of Gymnastics apparatus.

In Spring 2 we have been focusing on Dance. We have learnt how our body can move in reaction to various different types of music and sounds. We have copied routines taught to us and performed these as a class to music. We have worked super hard this term in PE and everyone in reception is able to change themselves fully ready for PE!


Year 1 & 2 – Elm class

In Spring 1, Elm class focused on Gymnastics skills building upon last years learning. We explored various balances including point and patches balances and began to look at support balances in pairs. We used these to help us create sequences on our own and in a pair using rolls, balances, travel and jumps. We then performed these to music in front of the whole class. We balance looked at balancing and traveling across and off of apparatus with some shapes in the air before landing safely.

In Spring 2 we have focused our learning on Dance. We have looked at a range of Dance styles and worked hard on keeping in time to a beat, moving in counts of 4 and 8 and being able to create our own sequence of movements. We have also been looking at developing our Locomotion skills doing games and activities within minimal equipment and focusing on our body movements.


Year 3 & 4 – Sycamore Class

In Spring 1 our main focus has been Gymnastics within our PE lessons. We have been using previous knowledge of the subject to improve our rolls and balances to help us create individual, pairs and small group routines. We spent time on Forward rolls learning how to perform and support these correctly and safely and use these within our performances. As a class, we spent time towards the end of the unit looking at flight, shape and landing using apparatus and spring boards. We also took part in a Netball competition against Langwith Bassett Junior Academy during this half term as well as a virtual Gymnastics Competition.

In Spring 2 our class have been covering Dance in PE. We have looked at various Dance styles from around the world and used this to help us copy, perform and create our own sequences of movements. We have worked hard at staying in time with music and counting our own 4’s and 8’s when performing. We have also completed a Fitness unit of work in which we looked at progressive training and how to track this. This half term we also start swimming lessons for the rest of the academic year.

Year 5 & 6 – Oak Class

In Spring 1 Oak class split their PE lessons in between Gymnastics and Swimming. The class built upon a strong foundation of Gymnastics knowledge and were able to create and perform routines as an individual, in a pair and a group using travel of varying levels, rolls including forwards and backwards and balances that were singular, pairs and in group. Oak class practiced a range of vaults with shape when covering flight and also were able to perform a variety of shapes in the air before landing safely.


In Spring 2, Year 5 & 6 have been learning about a wide range of Dances from varying cultures around the World. Pupils have been working in groups to create their own sequences of movement with a range of ways to help them. Towards the back end of the half term, we have been looking at Fitness unit of work where pupils have been learning about how their bodies change during exercise and why this happens. Pupils have also been working in small groups to complete work out tasks as well as tracking their progress and understanding how to motivate each other to achieve the most they can out of their performance.

  PE 2021/2022


 This half term in PE, one of the sports we have been focusing on is Basketball. Oak Class (Year 5&6) have been learning key skills needed within the sport.

They have all worked extremely hard leading up to the Basketball event held at Aston Academy. It was fantastic to be able to head over to play competitive sport again!

Oak class did extremely well and only lost one game.

Oak class showed exemplary sportsmanship, determination and team work skills during this event which made us all very proud.

Well done Oak Class!!




Our Christmas Dances 

Oak Class


Sycamore Class








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Year 5 & 6 Mini Leaders Training

February 2022 Gymnastics Routines







March 2022 


Children in Year 3 and 4 have had a very busy few weeks in P.E

On Thursday 31stof March Year 3 & 4 travelled to Tupton Academy to take part in a Tag Rugby festival. The pupils learnt basic skills used in Tag Rugby and applied these to small team games against other local schools. The pupils showed excellent determination when learning new skills and were rewarded for their resilience and hard work.   

They have been practicing really hard to develop their understanding and performance in Matball. On Wednesday 6th April, we travelled to Aston Academy to take part in the annual ACET House Matball Tournament. This was a fantastic opportunity for our academy to showcase their skills and understanding of the game in a healthy competitive environment.



June 2022


KS1 and KS2 Children had the opportunity to have a go at archery.  Our instructor taught us how to hold the bow and load and fire the arrows.

 July 2022

 We had a great afternoon visiting Shirebrook Academy and taking part in sporting events with another Academy