‘Excelsior’ - Ever Upwards           

Principal: Leica Carter 




Welcome to EYFS at Temple Normanton Junior Academy. Our Class Teacher is Mrs Wilkins and our              Teaching Assistant is Miss Farnsworth. 

In our joint Nursery and Reception class we are always very busy and use every minute for learning. We have a beautiful classroom and outdoor space filled with learning challenges and activities.

BBC Tiny Happy People This is a very useful website for your child starting school. There are lots of helpful tips and exciting activities for you to do at home.



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Medium Term Planning Nursery September 2021

Medium Term Planning Reception September 2021





Number Five

We have been learning about a new number each week! We have been finding the numbers using numerals, counters, pictures and numicon. We have also been writing the numbers using numerals and pictures! Reception and even some of Nursery children have enjoyed using the numicon to find out which numbers we can add together to make our number of the week.
This week, our number was 5! We were able to show number 5 in lots of different ways!







 This term, we have been learning all about seasons in our topic and art lessons! We have been learning the names of the different seasons and comparing what happens to the plants, trees and weather in each one. Reception all made their own seasons wheel to take home! 
We have learnt that it is autumn now and have been hunting for signs of autumn outside! Here are some of the things that we found!


Bonfire Night November 2021
We have been learning all about how and why we celebrate Bonfire Night! Reception learnt about Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot and we all learnt how to stay safe on Bonfire Night.  We watched some firework displays and talked about the sounds, colours and shapes. We then copied the shapes and movements to make our own firework dances using scarves! You can watch our dances on our Google Classroom. We also learnt how to use pastels and worked as a team to create wonderful firework art!
Our Christmas Dance 2021
February 2022 
This week we planted our own beans like Jasper. We talked about the equipment we would need and discussed how we would take care of it. Children knew we needed to water the bean and that it would need some sunlight. We are now watching and waiting patiently for our beanstalks to grow. Perhaps we will eventually spot a giant!