‘Excelsior’ - Ever Upwards           

Principal: Leica Carter 

Children can earn House Points for their Houses by working hard in class, producing good quality work, being polite and courteous, helping each other and by setting a good example. Any member of staff can award House Points to any child, at any time and for any reason. We want to reward all pupils for their hard work and the efforts that they make on daily basis in and out of the classroom.

The school has been divided into four houses: Cavendish, Arkwright, Allwood and Hardwick and are all related to the history of the local area. Throughout the year we collect points for our houses and on sports day, we compete in our house groups.

Each week the Houses will celebrate their points. All House Points will be recorded in classes and on the House Point display in the hall. At the end of each term the House with the most points will be rewarded for their excellent contribution towards school