‘Excelsior’ - Ever Upwards           

Principal: Leica Carter 


Welcome to Oak Class! 

 Our Class Teacher is Miss Froggatt and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Fox.

 We will encourage the children to aim high and become the best that they can be.  We have the highest expectations of the children, as well as ourselves. We hope that the children will embrace this year with determination and perseverance and develop their positive mindsets.

We look forward to welcoming you to Oak Class.


Medium Term Plan Year 5 and 6


September 2022 

Our Y5/6 children had a very moving visit to the Holocaust Centre, where they learned about life in 1930s Nazi Germany through the journey and experiences of a Jewish boy. 

October 2022
In science we have conducted an experiment to see which exercises raise our heart rate the most. We measured our resting heart rate by counting how many times we felt out pulse within 20 seconds, completed an exercise for 2 minutes and then measure our heart rate again for 20 seconds.




November 2022

This week in DT, we have made model structures. We used triangulation to strengthen our structure to ensure it would stand up independently. We will use this when we make our bird hides in a few weeks time.
We have been learning about evolution and how animals adapt to their environment to help with survival. We conducted an experiment to help us understand how Darwin's Finches adapted based on the food they ate. We saw that the fine and sharp tweezers (beaks) were much better at picking up the smaller seeds and twigs than blunt tweezers (beaks).
November 2022
In science this week, we have classified animals into vertebrates and invertebrates. We learnt the features of each group and used this to help us think like a scientist, and figure out which animal belongs to which group. 
In DT, we have been designing bird hide structures. Today we made these structures in teams using large wooden sticks. We used the designs that we produced last lesson, however some of us needed to adapt these as they didn't work. We will now evaluate our product based on the design criteria we were given. 
January 2023
In Geography this term, we will be looking at the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We have explored what each of the 17 goals mean and thought about ways we can contribute towards them.
In RSHE this week, we have discussed how to be a good citizen, particularly when helping people who are disabled. To help us make everyone feel included and welcome we learnt a few key phrases in British Sign Language and practised having conversations. 
January 2023
We have learnt all about fossil fuels and where we get them from. We looked in detail at coal, natural gas and oil. We also held and examined pieces of coal.
Chinese New Year
To celebrate Chinese New Year, we made red envelopes for our new years resolutions and wrote our name in Chinese.
February 2023 - In Music we have learned to play the ukulele.  We invited parents into school to show them what we had learned.
March 2023 - Science Week