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Striving for





Intent Statement

Learning a foreign language is very important in developing children’s understanding of the world around them. French is taught throughout KS2 through deliberate practice in a supportive environment which allows children to improve their fluency and grow in confidence when speaking foreign languages. The curriculum at Temple Normanton Junior Academy is balanced and sequenced appropriately in order to develop the attributes and qualities needed to understand and participate confidently in French. As children progress through KS2, they learn French through speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Implementation Statement                                                                                                   

French is broken down into four sections:





All four areas are covered each year in KS2 but subject content is on a 2 year cycle, ensuring all children cover the correct content by end of Key Stage.  French is taught through discreet lessons and through in the moment recall of language previously introduced.

Impact Statement                                                                          

Temple Normanton Junior Academy’s French curriculum encourages children develop an appreciated, enjoyment and life-long love of languages. We develop confident and positive attitudes towards language learning and enable children to develop an awareness of culture and traditions.

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Special Events

National French Day – 14th July 2023