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Striving for





Intent Statement

At Temple Normanton Junior Academy, our music curriculum intents to inspire creativity, self-expression and encourages opportunities to connect with others. We hope to foster a life-long love of music by exposing our pupils to diverse musical experiences and igniting a passion for music.

By listening and responding to different musical styles and finding their voices as singers and performers, children will become confident and reflective musicians.

We aim to develop pupils who can create and compose music, make judgements and express personal preference, listen to, review and evaluate music and have an appreciation for music.

Implementation Statement

The music curriculum at Temple Normanton Junior Academy ensures children sing, listen, perform and evaluate. This is embedded in classroom activities as well as weekly singing assemblies, various concerts and performances and the learning of instruments.

In the classroom, or through lessons with the Wider Opportunities Music Partnership, children understand how music is made and played, along with how to appreciate and analyse.

Children learn how to compose, focusing on different dimensions of music, which feeds their understanding when listening, playing and analysing music. Composing and performing using tuned, untuned, body percussion, vocal sounds and technology is all part of our curriculum.

Impact Statement

Through giving children at Temple Normanton Junior Academy the opportunity to forge their own musical journey it allows them to discover areas of strength that they may wish to improve further on. An understanding of culture and history is developed as children enjoy music from across the world. They can sing, feel a pulse, add rhythms and create melodies. Children can further develop these skills in the future and continue to enjoy and embrace music in their lives.

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